Since 1997, the main activity of the Arco-Tours group of companies is road transport for export and return import from the Russian Federation to the Scandinavian countries.

Sweden, Norway, Denmark - the main countries of our presence, we have the opportunity to supply a large volume of transport (40-50 trucks) to Sweden and Norway weekly, which makes working with us as comfortable as possible.

Along with the main directions of transportation, the countries of our loadings and unloadings are also Finland, Germany, the Netherlands.

To minimize transit times in the directions of Sweden / Norway / Denmark - Russia and back, our vehicles are transported by the Finnlines ferry line plying between the ports of Naantali and Kapellskar.

The location of our Group of Companies is St. Petersburg, the distance to our northern neighbor Finland is only 200 km.

In addition to standard tented semi-trailers and refrigerators, we transport cargo vans and cargo vans with trailers. In this area of business, we carry out transportation between Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Baltic countries and Russia. We also transport this type of transport from other European countries on request.

All our vehicles are equipped with GLONASS sensors, which allows us to monitor the movement of your cargo in a given route in real time.

All shipments are carried out under the TT Club's CMR insurance policy.